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Мануал к модулю Square Of Nine (По методу квадрата девяти Ганна)

Краткий мануал к модулю Square Of Nine. Квадрат Девяти - методика Вильяма Ганна, здесь описание, как с этим работать.

Руководство от автора программы, на английском - здесь

Скачать руководство можно в мануалах.

От Ананда Ачарьи, известного индийского трейдера, практикующего этот метод: он рекомендует преобразовать все в трехзначные цифры.

Буквально пишет следующее:
[Spoiler (click to open)]My two cents...
Convert all numbers to 3 digit numbers...
Square of nine works well with 3 digit numbers...

Also understand.... a trend change is imminent.... when price and time square on the square of nine..... Just find the right instruments that vibrate to it.

Please understand... all these options given these days with computers were never available to WD GANN or the ancients. They had to draw everything by hand.

In the process of making it easier....... we actually make it more complex.

Look at the square of nine...... now imagine..... you catch hold of one and pull it above towards you......
You will get a three dimensional shape....... a square base and 4 Triangular sides...... basically the 4 sided Pyramid.

now from any number...... a square will be found in many directions...... the number above it... (90 degrees) the number below it (90 Degrees) the number opposite (180 degrees) the number corresponding to same side on the other two sides of the pyramid (90 Degrees again)

Work on dates in a similar way......... When both price and time square..... trend change is imminent.
See what happens.. when only one .. either price or only time square..... it is very interesting.....

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